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Pinoy ShowBUZZ > Kris Aquino and son Joshua
Thursday, December 14, 2006
Kris Aquino and son Joshua

Endorsement diva Kris Aquino, who had more or less 20 endorsement deals, says the only product missing from her list of advertising gigs is a noodle brand. “Favorite pa naman ni Josh ang noodles,” says Kris.

Josh is Joshua Phillip, her only son, who at age 11 already sports size-40 jeans and size-11 shoes. “Susko, paano pa kaya pag fourteen na siya?” Kris laughs. “Ni hindi pa nga siya nag-e-eleven-years-old, size-11 na ang shoes. Nagsa-size-ten lang siya sa Chuck Taylor’s, kasi medyo malalaki ang size doon. Pero sa ibang brands, size-11 na talaga.”

Kris reveals that Josh is into bands these days: “Pag may banda sa TV, like sa ASAP, nagla-lie low talaga siya para manood.”

And Kris is happy to report that Josh, whose father is the actor Phillip Salvador, gets along fabulously with his mom’s man, James Yap.

“One time, na-injure si James sa game,” Kris recounts. “Nagkasugat siya. As in, natanggal ’yong balat. Noong ginagamot niya e napagtripan siya ni Josh. Nakikilagay ng Band-Aid si Josh. ’Nilalagay niya kay James, ’tapos, tatanggalin niya ulit. E, di ba, ’yong Band-Aid, pag hinatak mo, sumasama minsan ’yong balahibo? Aliw na aliw si Josh doon. Si James naman, ‘Aray, masakit, a!’ Si Josh, aliw na aliw.”

To date, Kris Aquino is already three months pregnant with her second baby.

source : Philippine Entertainment Portal

Posted on 7:57 PM
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