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Pinoy ShowBUZZ > Janno Gibbs and Bing Loyzaga, seperated?
Sunday, December 10, 2006
Janno Gibbs and Bing Loyzaga, seperated?

The cat is out of the bag, straight from, so to speak, the horse’s mouth.

Yes, Bing Loyzaga has confirmed during the presscon for Enteng Kabitoste 3 (joint venture of OctoArts Films and M-Zet TV Production for the 2006 Metro Filmfest, in which she plays the villainess Satana) and in TV interviews what the public has been suspecting all along – that she and husband Janno Gibbs have been separated for a long time now but remain married to each other.

It’s a unique kind of separation. Bing and their two daughters are staying in a condo unit across from Janno’s bachelor’s unit in the same building, and, according to Bing, they have remained friends.

"But we don’t mind each other’s business anymore," clarified Bing who can now talk about their separation openly.

What broke the proverbial camel’s back was supposedly Janno’s "womanizing," culminating middle of last year amidst the rumor that Janno was having an affair with Cristine Reyes, Ara Mina’s younger sister.

No, Bing again clarified, she doesn’t have any plan to cart off her daughters to Australia even if the girls are Australian citizens. The rest of the Loyzagas are living Down Under.

At this point, I can’t help pointing out an interesting parallelism between Janno and his good friend Ogie Alcasid. Like Ogie (despite his vehement but not-so-credible denial), Janno was romantically linked to Regine Velasquez. Also, Ogie’s wife Michelle van Eimeren and two daughters are from Australia (where the family of Robin Padilla – who, incidentally, was also linked to Regine during the promo for their latest movie, Till I Met You – is now based).

Janno is now linked to Gladys Guevarra, his Eat, Bulaga! co-host. A Gladys defender said, "In fairness to Gladys, she came into Janno’s life after he broke up with Bing. Otherwise, hindi naman papatol si Gladys." But the two are said to have broken up, while Janno is rumored to be "eyeing" pretty dancer Lian, a member of the EB Babes.

Last Sunday night, Janno, Bing (with two daughters) and Lian found themselves under one roof. Did sparks, uh, fly? Nope! The occasion was Janno’s show at Zirkoh (Greenhills), with the EB (Eat, Bulaga!) Babes as backup dancers.

"If looks could kill," joked the Funfare DPA, "Bing could have ‘killed’ Lian on the spot!"

Guess what Janno gave Lian that night – yes, a Hello Kitty watch (not some Sanrio items...he, he, he!) and an Abercrombie shirt.

Ah, love!

The DPA didn’t say whose number Bing gave her loudest applause to – Janno’s singing or Lian (and the EB Babes’) dancing?

source : Philippine Headline News Online

Posted on 10:39 AM
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