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Pinoy ShowBUZZ > Kaye Abad's Sexy Pose
Friday, October 27, 2006
Kaye Abad's Sexy Pose

Kaye Abad. A classy actress with a talent and poise beyond her years, Kaye Abad has established herself as one of Philippines' most gifted young dramatic actresses of her generation. Kaye Abad has a genuinely sweet demeanor, an aura of simplicity and confident that makes her endearing.

Kaye reinvents herself as she graces the cover of the September issue of MAXIM magazine (a men's magazine). Kaye insisted that she has no plans to do or accept sexy roles. She agreed to do the controversial photoshoot, clad only in two-piece underwear, to move away her teeny bopper image. Kala nila sixteen ako. Kaya ko ang matured roles. Siguro pwede na ako i-pair kay Piolo Pascual

source : Kaye Abad's website

Posted on 12:07 AM
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