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Pinoy ShowBUZZ > Dawn Zulueta's Beauty Secret
Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Dawn Zulueta's Beauty Secret

For this eternally lovely actress, wife and mother, staying young means taking good care of herself—so she can give more of herself to others.

Actress-slash-celebrity endorser Dawn Zulueta arrives at the photo studio clad in a white pantsuit. The non-color suits her well, as it lets her effusive personality shine and brings attention to her trademark style—a bold-strapped fashion watch, studded with diamantes. She flashes a wide smile, teeth gleaming as white as her outfit.

Her teleserye had just wrapped up, and she is poised to do a movie with a Desperate Housewives meets Sex and the City plot. Dawn began her showbiz career in her teens some 20 years ago. In her halcyon days, life was one big overcrowded schedule. When she married Anton Lagdameo, scion of Davao 's landed elite, in 1998, she went into semi-retirement, at the young age of 28. She downshifted her fast-paced lifestyle in Manila to suit the laid-back province. Occasionally, her husband allowed her to fly to Manila pursue her passion for acting.

Before she gave birth to unico hijo Jacobo last year, Dawn played the dutiful housewife, Rachel Lagdameo, in real life. Away from the klieg lights and fans, Dawn discovered new talents. One of them was a knack for making jewelry and accessories which were very salable at bazaars.

Dawn also discovered the compassionate side of her. She now helps raise funds for the Pataluman Crisis Center Violence Against Women Group, and the money goes to the counseling of battered women and children. “That's one part of society that needs attention. It has to do with their psyche. By taking care of their therapy, we are helping their well-being, and that would translate into a brighter and better generation for the future.”

When her husband was president of the Rotary Club, Dawn helped him in such projects as adopting a barangay, medical missions, and environmental programs such as cleaning up Davao Gulf and plating trees. Dawn says she felt most alive when she got involved in humanitarian projects. “When I didn't think I would become a mother, I put all my time in finding out what other sectors of society needed attention. I wanted to raise awareness of autism in the provinces. We need therapists to visit the remote areas,” she says.

In the plantation managed by Anton, Dawn saw the potential to organize livelihood programs for the wives of the workers. Anton's friends and family members, who guided Dawn, became the significant people in her causes. “They gave me an idea of the landscape, of what life is like there,” she says.

“For 15 years, it was work, work, and work. I didn't have a life. Once in a while, our work took us to different places. We saw all kinds of lives, but we had no time to do something substantial and long-term. If I had to play a poor person, I went to slum, saw how the needy lived, and talked to them. There was nothing much I could do except listen and give an envelope. I am glad I can do something more now. I want to give back to society. I consider myself very lucky in this business. I had it relatively easy, compared with others who had to struggle. I am lucky, being married to a husband whose family has the manpower to get things done. It would be a shame if I was not able to use resources that are readily available.”

On a personal level, Dawn has also shown her generosity of spirit. She recalls a time when her friend had financial trouble. She wanted to provide incognito support, so that it would not appear like she was handing them a dole-out. Nonetheless, she wrote a note saying that the assistance she provided was not coming from her. “It comes from Up Above. I was used as an instrument because Somebody Up There knows what you're going through. Please accept His blessing,” she wrote.

Her friends were deeply grateful for her kindness. They told Dawn that she was intuitive about such delicate matters, and she allowed God to work through her. “That never occurred to me. Instead of doing it consciously, the act was coming from a place in the heart.”

Because of her charisma and her reputed diligence, Dawn has been asked to get involved in local politics, such as running for vice-mayor or other posts. The actress has firmly declined offers.

“Why should I run? People say, ‘You can do it!' Why? Because I'm famous? They say I work and I have a heart. But I don't have the education for it. I'm honest enough to admit that. People insist, ‘There will be a machinery to support you.' I am not prepared. I won't take advice of one person and not study. Look what happens to people who enter into something and rely on their staff to help make decisions for them. In the end, they put their name on something, then oh my gosh! ‘I'm sorry I didn't know that.' I don't want to get into something that I don't understand or can't comprehend. I make a joke in Davao that I could never be what you think I can be kasi kawawa kayo sa akin (because you'll be sorry)!

“I can be too idealistic. When I stand for something, I'm very hard-headed. For me, black is black and white is white. There is no in-between. That's why I can't be a politician,” Dawn says with a giggle.

She adds that politics holds no attraction for her, since running a household is already a challenge. Yet, the extended family life in Davao has been a blessing to Dawn. Anton's relatives have given her security and a sense of belongingness.

“I married into a family that values togetherness and loyalty. I cherish that, because I came from a broken family. I had not seen self-sacrifice in my growing up years. Now I see that from my in-laws and my husband. You know that if anything happens, many will come to support. There's no question like, ‘He did this to me in the past!' My husband is so well-loved by his family. As his wife, if anything happens to me, his relatives come running to my aid. When my car breaks down or if I get into an accident, it takes a couple of calls and all my husband's cousins will arrive. I thank God my son will grow up in a family like this.”

She is grateful that Anton's biggest gift is his loyalty. She had known him for 20 years, but in his bachelor days, he was a reputed serial dater. Dawn clarifies, “When he's happy with someone, he sticks to her. That is why I was attracted to him.”

Cooking and sharing a meal is a favorite pastime of the couple. Dawn says eating with her husband is always a test of wills, since one side of the table is laden with cholesterol-rich foods while the other side has healthy dishes. Dawn keeps a balanced diet of salads, lean meats, and minerals, and pops vitamins like Myra 400 E, which she says is a great way to perk her up. She has been encouraging Anton to get into a healthier lifestyle.

“I told my husband that with all that pollution and wrong food, he needs to live healthy. Ever since my son was born, he has taken the initiative. He has cut down on smoking and works out in the gym. He has to be around for Jacobo.”

A health buff, Dawn believes that a person's intake is just as important as what she applies to her face. “As we grow old, we lose more cells, and the skin shows it. If you don't get enough rest, if you don't eat well and smoke, it shows on your skin.”

Sans makeup, Dawn looks stunning. Still young at 37, she is conscious of tiny, albeit imperceptible, crow's feet, even as she feels that some lines give a person's face character. She is big on skin care, however, and swears by creams, correctors, and all the non-surgical, non-invasive scientific innovations that can delay the aging process.

She quotes Jane Fonda as saying. “'Let's give a face to aging.'” And in Dawn's case, that also means staying healthy—and having enough of a heart for doing food.


Water, sunblock, eye cream, body lotion, insect repellant, moisturizer, lipbalm with SPF, hair conditioner, anti-residue shampoo.

Skin Care:
-->I try to keep disciplined, good habits.

-->I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. I carry a bottle in my handbag when I run errands all day.

-->A balanced diet with a daily dose of vitamin E, specifically Myra 400 e.

-->Regular visits to my dermatologist.

-->Sunblock during the day, moisturizer at night.

-->I try to sleep early every night, and get at least seven hours of undisturbed shut-eye.

-->I also clean and wash my face thoroughly to take off makeup and its residue.


“I have always been someone who is very focused, very driven to grow and evolve,” says Dawn Zulueta, the latest endorser of Myra Vitamin E. “As an actress, I am very well acquainted with the showbiz industry. But I still see many opportunities of growth that I want to explore.” One of them is film producing. “I am just waiting for a material worth investing my time and efforts into. I want to undertake a project that would make Filipino affirm their pride in the local cinema. At the same time, I also want it to appeal to the rest of the world.”

Growing up under the limelight has truly made Dawn passionate about the Philippine film industry. Though she feels saddened that the public seem to patronize Hollywood over local movies, she believes that the valiance of her fellow artists, combined with the faith of the public, can help Philippine cinema achieve its full potential and experience better appreciation.

“Whenever we get together, some of my friends and relatives would tell me that the reason Filipino films fail is because they are so lousy. But I don't subscribe to that. You know, there are many really excellent Filipino movies out there. Yet they fail because the audience won't support them.”

She finds it frustrating how many Filipinos no longer bother to see locally-produced films on their own. “When they do go out to watch a Pinoy film, it is because foreign critics have given it accolades in film festivals abroad.” And yet, taking into account all the challenges plaguing the local cinema, Dawn is all the more inspired to try her hand at producing, driven by the desire to see it return to its glorious past. “This is something I want to happen for the simple love for the industry,” she said.

source : Dyaryoboy

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